Triathlon Canada Calls for Nominations for Athlete Director Position on Board

Triathlon Canada has issued a Call of Nominations for an Athlete Director position on the Board of Directors to help shape the future of the governing body for the sport of triathlon in Canada.

Changing the title of this voting position on the Board of Directors from an Athlete Representative to Athlete Director, the Terms of Reference and Nomination Form for all interested candidates can be found at:

The prospective Athlete Director would be eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have been on the High-Performance National Team for Triathlon Canada.
  2. Must be retired from active competition in any ITU elite triathlon or Para-triathlon for a 12-month period, and not an active/current ICC card holder.
  3. Must have the required time commitment available to fulfill the Athlete Director Mandate and Responsibilities: This includes up to five Board meetings a year, including the Annual General Meeting, as well regular consultation with the High Performance staff; will lead an Athlete Forum; will be a member of the High Performance Athlete Selection Committee; will be encouraged to remain current and involved with ITU Athletes Committee and provide input into the ITU Athlete Committee nominations; attend annual AthletesCan Forum; and will be the Triathlon Canada athletes’ representative where deemed appropriate.

If you have an ability to listen and bring people together to be a respected voice for athletes at the boardroom table while providing perspective from a high-performance athlete’s point of view, we want to hear from you.

The nominations process, which will be open until May 24, 2019, will include the following:

  • Nominations Committee will contact nominees to confirm receipt of submission, and eligibility;
  • Publish bilingual bios on Triathlon Canada web site and communicated nominee information;
  • Will notify the nominees when voting process will open and close;
  • Nominations Committee will send an e-mail to eligible voting constituents to notify that voting is open along with references to online nominee bio information;
  • At closure of voting, all nominees will be contacted prior to public announcement;
  • New Athlete Director will be invited to attend the 2019 AGM in September.

Understanding this position represents athletes following a variety of pathways within the Triathlon Canada Nation, the Board has made voting eligible for all ICC athletes who are 18 years of age or older.

If you fit the above criteria and have the necessary time to give back to the sport by serving a leadership position on the Board of Directors, we hope to hear from you. We also appreciate those in our community willing to share the link/document with anyone you think has the qualities to serve and represent the athletes at the Board level.

Triathlon Canada Board of Directors

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