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New! Triathlon Canada’s Alumni Program

Calling all Triathlon Canada Alumni! Reconnect with former teammates. Stay involved. Keep up with events. Give back to the sport you love.

Triathlon Canada’s Alumni program unites former Team Canada athletes, both elite and age group. Few National Teams encompass elite athletes striving for the Olympic/Paralympic podium as well as amateur athletes aged 16 to 70+. But, our goal is to connect everyone who has competed for Canada over the years. Plus, we’ll link in the dedicated fans and supporters who cheered you on. Our goal is to keep athletes connected to triathlon and engaged in the development of our sport for future generations.

Reconnect today with an awesome community of Canadian role models.

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Triathlon Canada has an incredible legacy and history in our sport.

Canada has been at the forefront of the sport of triathlon with our athletic performances from the early days in the 80s and 90s. The path of excellence was blazed by Carol Montgomery, Patricia and Sylviane Puntous, Peter Reid and Lori Bowden, just to name a few – athletes who inspired countless triathletes with their world championship performances.

Those trailblazers laid the foundation for Simon Whitfield’s nation-moving gold-medal performance when the sport made its debut at the 2000 Olympic Summer Games in Sydney, Australia. Triathlon Canada never looked back from that historic day, which ultimately cemented us as a premiere triathlon nation on the international scene.

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Inspired by all of the greats before us to swim, bike and run, the Triathlon Canada Nation has since developed and produced countless memorable performances by triathletes of all ages in a variety of race distances.

From Paula Findlay winning an unprecedented five World Triathlon Series titles to Kirsten Sweetland running into the history books as only the second Canadian ever to reach the World Triathlon Series podium and third ever to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games, our women have rewritten the history books over the last decade.

Simon Whitfield aside, the performances by our men have been equally remarkable, led by Stefan Daniel’s Para-triathlon World Championship title just one year before he won the silver at the sport’s Paralympic debut in Rio 2016. Stefan has reclaimed his position at the top of the Para-triathlon winning back-to-back World Championship crowns.

Stefan Daniel is part of a new generation of Canadian triathletes who are now ready to carry the torch into a new era for the sport in Canada. Daniel has brought along a strong contingent of para-triathletes to the international podium including: Jessica Tuomela, Kamylle Frenette and Jon Dunkerley.

Inspired by Simon Whitfield, Paula Findlay, Kirsten Sweetland and a community of other great Canadian athletes, Tyler Mislawchuk and Joanna Brown are leading the charge for a new generation of men and women in the Olympic pathway on the road to 2020 and beyond.

Canada’s long-distance athletes are also capturing the world’s attention while solidifying their place on top of the international podiums. Brent McMahon and Lionel Sanders have both cracked unprecedented sub-8-hour marks in the Ironman distance, and Heather Wurtele is a six-time Ironman titleholder who is fully committed to the ‘long’ game.

Joanna Brown has etched her name in the history books as the third Canadian ever to medal on the World Triathlon Series, winning the bronze in Bermuda in 2019. Brown became the fourth Canadian in triathlon history to run onto the Commonwealth Games podium, claiming the bronze in Glasgow 2018. Tyler Mislawchuk and Alexis Lepage also captured the triathlon nation’s attention in 2019. Mislawchuk won gold in Mooloolaba, Australia while Lepage claimed his first career bronze in Chengdu, China.

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Who is a Triathlon Canada Alumnus?

Triathlon Canada automatically considers any member of an Olympic Summer Games, Paralympic Summer Games, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games or World Championship Teams to be a part of our Alumni.  This includes both Elite and Age Group team members!

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