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Do you dream of competing for Canada in the Olympics or Paralympics?

A big part of our job at Triathlon Canada is to make sure the right systems and supports are in place to allow our high-performance athletes to excel in Olympic/Paralympic competition or at the professional/elite international level. Our National Performance Centre’s world-class training facilities, coaching and sports science staff are key to everyone’s success. We are also responsible for talent identification, National Team selection and National Training Camps and clinics.

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Do you dream of competing alongside the best athletes in our nation and supporting Canada in the Olympics or Paralympics? Triathlon Canada’s high-performance Olympic and Paralympic Pathway follows a long-term athlete development model.

Olympic Pathway

Provincial sport organizations and local clubs are the main drivers for athletes across Canada striving to enter our high-performance Pathway. In order to ensure standards are the same across the nation, Triathlon Canada has created performance standards that must be met by all Canadian athletes before they can progress to the next level.

If you are a young athlete with the drive, determination and dream of being a part of our Triathlon Canada Nation’s National Team, and if you are between 14 and 19 years of age and your standards are similar to the ones listed in the age category below, we would like to introduce you to our Olympic pathway.

If you are close to meeting these Olympic standards in the Olympic pathway below please contact your provincial sport organization or Triathlon Canada’s High-Performance Director, Eugene Liang .


Paralympic Pathway

Entering into the Para-triathlon world is dependent on previous sport experience. Triathlon Canada seeks to recruit athletes with high-performance sport backgrounds into its Paralympic pathway. If you are a Paralympian from another sport or you have competed in elite para-sports, we want to meet you.

If you are close to meeting these Olympic standards in the Olympic pathway above or you have a high-performance para-sport background, please contact your provincial sport organization or Triathlon Canada’s High-Performance Director, Eugene Liang .

Talent identification

Talent ID in triathlon involves many inter-connected systems, and generally starts with athlete self-identification or coaches identification of rising stars through provincial sport organizations.


Want to see how our high-performance athletes and para-athletes are doing on the world stage? Visit the International Triathlon Union results page or visit us on Facebook.

National Development Series – Current Ranking

2019 – Final National Development Series Season Rankings

National Development Series

The National Development Series is made up of identified races selected from within the existing provincial series events with a point system focused towards the 2020 National Championships.

The National Development Series is designed to facilitate the transition from community events to International Triathlon Union (ITU) racing.  This is done by driving accessibility to high-quality racing opportunities that target multi-event options, geographical balance, and points premiums.  It will familiarize athletes and coaches with the ITU system through incorporation of ITU-like points allocations, ITU-like ranking, and ITU race formats and course profiles

Who should be racing this Series?

This series is meant for athletes that are preparing to move into ITU racing.  Any Junior/U23 athlete who does NOT have ITU points should be racing at the Development Series level.  Additionally, any athletes in the Junior/U23 categories that are progressing through Triathlon Canada’s Podium Pathway at the Train-to-Train stage of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model or have not been selected to the National Team or National Development Team should continue to race at this level.

Athletes should NOT be racing more than 6 events on this Series and are encouraged to work with their coaches to determine an appropriate calendar.  The series will work within the U23 and Junior categories as defined by the ITU rules – age exemptions for athletes younger than 16 will not be permitted.

Entries and Points System

This series is for athletes who are targeting the high performance pathway.  As much as possible, it is designed to teach athletes the skills they will need to be successful.  This also applies to the points system, which will follow the established ITU procedures.  Note that athletes will receive points for a maximum of 6 events inclusive of the mandatory races.

Entries will be Local Organizing Committee (LOC) driven.  Results will be submitted to Triathlon Canada for generation of point for ranking.

Click here for the full calendar and registration information.
Click here for a full breakdown of the ITU points system.

The following tier system has been designed to describe the racing requirements:

Tier 1*

  • Type: National Championships
  • Requirement: Mandatory
  • Points: 20% premium on individual events

Tier 2

  • Type: Regional Championships
  • Requirement: Optional with Premium
  • Points: 15% premium

Tier 3

  • Type: Series
  • Status: Optional with Maximum of 4
  • Points: Standard

Tier 4

  • Type: Replacement
  • Status: Optional – Substitute for one Tier 3 race
  • Points: Standard

*Tier 1 includes the National Junior/U23 Mixed Relay Championships to be held in Edmonton.  This is a one-off event with recognition for top teams.  Points are not allocated, but athletes racing in the relay have the option to also do the Tier 2 individual event on the same weekend for a 15% premium.  Relay teams are to be determined by the PSOs.

Publication of Results

Triathlon Canada will publish a CURRENT STANDINGS National Development Series ranking every Friday by 12pm PST. Click here for the current standings.



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