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Canada’s 47,000+ age group athletes are the heart of the Triathlon Canada Nation.

The Age-Group stream includes athletes of all ages and abilities united in their pursuit of the triathlon lifestyle. Some are first-time participants, while others are dedicated athletes looking to challenge themselves at high level competitions world-wide.

“Age Group” is a broad term that refers to recreational or competitive athletes who compete only against their own age category. Age categories are set by the World Triathlon (WT) in 5-year increments beginning at age 15 (relay events) or 16 (individual events).

Triathlon is an incredibly accessibly sport, and there is something for everyone:

  • Looking for an introduction? Try a Super Sprint!
  • Looking for something for the whole family? We’ve got races for kids and youth!
  • Want a team sport? Try a corporate or mixed relay!
  • Are you a para athlete? Try Para Triathlon!
  • Don’t like to swim? Try a Duathlon!
  • Don’t like to bike? Try an Aquathlon!
  • Don’t like to run? Try an Aquabike!
  • Looking for an endurance challenge? Take on a Long Distance Triathlon!
  • Off-road is more your style? Check out Cross Triathlon!
  • Don’t like the heat? We’ve got that covered too Winter Triathlon it is!

On top of a wide variety of event options and distances, one of the most amazing things about this sport is that everyone races together at the same venue and on the same courses – from first timers to world champions, from 16-year-olds to 80+ year-olds. This sport is for you.


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Get Started

The best place to start is with your local Provincial Sport Organization (PSO). The amazing people working in your province deliver all community programs. Whether you’re looking for a club, a coach, an event, volunteer opportunities, professional development as a coach or technical official, or just have questions this is your one-stop-shop.

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Membership provides all kinds of benefits – including race insurance, partner discounts, and much more! You are a member of the Triathlon Canada Nation as soon as you sign up with your provincial sport organization.  All provincial members are also members of Triathlon Canada.

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Find a Coach

Triathlon Canada has a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) that has been developed with the Coaching Association of Canada. Training is made up of a combination of sport-specific courses and “multisport” module that cover topics relevant to all sports.

Triathlon Canada also ensures that all coaches are compliant with the Safe Sport movement through our coach registration process. In order to achieve “registered” status, a coach must have completed respect training, an enhanced police information check, the NCCP course on ethical decision making, and have a basic understanding of triathlon competition rules.

Coaches who have completed this basic training are added to the National Triathlon Coach Registry. The registry provides basic information on each registered coach and can be sorted by province to help you find someone in your community. Be informed and make sure that your coach is registered!

Click here for more information on coaching.
Click here for the National Triathlon Coach Registry.


Find a Club

Joining a club is a great way to engage with your triathlon community. It’s about so much more than just finding opportunities to train – these are people who share a passion and build life-long friendships and support systems.

Official triathlon clubs must be sanctioned by a provincial sport organization. This ensures that club activities are up to current safety standards. Each PSO maintains a list of clubs who are in good standing, so make sure you check in with your local office.


Find an Event

We are fortunate to have many amazing event opportunities for this sport in Canada. The sport of triathlon is broken up into three different groups of events: triathlon, para triathlon, and multisport. More information can be found on all the possible variations in the links below.

Recognized events must be sanctioned by a provincial sport organization. This ensures that the event has met current safety standards and ensures that all participants are insured. Each PSO maintains a list of sanctioned events, so make sure you check in with your local office for information on all the recognized races in your region. Be informed, and make sure you choose sanctioned races!

Click here for information on Triathlon.
Click here for information on Para Triathlon.
Click here for information on Multisport.
Click here for Triathlon Canada’s current event calendar.

Equipment Needs & Rules

There is no need to purchase expensive equipment to participate in a triathlon. Ideally you want to have a swimsuit and goggles, a bike and helmet, and a good pair of running shoes. Wetuits are optional for many events but may become mandatory if the water drops below a certain temperature.

With three sports combined into one – there is a huge range in equipment you can purchase, and it can be overwhelming for someone new to the sport. However, there are lots of options to keep costs to a minimum such as renting a bike or wetuit. These services are often offered by race organizers in partnership with local bike shops and stores.

The WT Competition Rules are not fully enforced for community events, as they are written for the highest level of competition in the sport. Your provincial sport organization or event organizing committee can provide the information you need specific to your race of choice.

Click here for the full WT Competition Rules.


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