High quality competition experience begins with great technical officials.

Exceptional technical officials are the backbone of the competition experience for athletes of all ages and ability levels.  They uphold two of the main pillars of the sport system: Safety and Fairness.  Accurate and capable officiating makes all the difference.

By becoming a technical official, you will join a dedicated network of volunteers from across the country that are supported by their Provincial Sport Organization and mentored by senior members of the Triathlon Canada technical teams. Alongside the best, you’ll learn everything from ethics and decision-making to event organization.

Once you’ve got a few years of officiating under your belt, you could be nominated to become qualified as an official for national or international races. All officials at the Olympic/Paralympic Games started as a Level 1 in their local communities!

Join the program and help build the future of our sport.

National Officiating Portal

The Triathlon Canada National Officiating Portal is our training and education hub for registered technical officials. In addition to access to the portal, registering as an Official with Triathlon Canada and completing the SafeSport requirements will allow officials to be included on the National Triathlon Technical Officials Registry. Some of the features include:

  • A personalized transcript to track your progress
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) for online training
  • Enhanced Police Information Checks as needed
  • Respect training as needed
  • General liability insurance coverage through Jones Brown
  • A centralized database of workshops
  • Reminders for renewals and courses
  • Officiating tools and templates
  • Direct contact with your support team

To gain access to the portal, simply obtain a Provincial Technical Officials Membership.  For more information on your Provincial Sport Organization and access to member registration, please click the button below.

Find out more about the Technical Officials Program here:

Basic Registration for Technical Officials

Technical Officials are the foundation for two of the biggest pillars in sport: Safety and Fairness.  The Safe Sport movement is important for all within the sport system, but this is especially true for those who uphold and guarantee safety and fairness for all participants.  Triathlon Canada’s National Triathlon Registration System (NTRS) has been developed to create a more professional and protected community within the sport of triathlon.  Registration is an important first step for all technical officials, as it demonstrates our commitment as a program to the ideals of Safe Sport.  Basic registration includes 4 steps – steps 2 to 4 can be completed within the Officiating Portal:

Steps to Registration

Step 1: Register as a Technical Official with your Provincial Sport Organization (PSO)
Step 2: Complete an Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC)
Step 3: Complete Respect in Sport training – “Respect for Activity Leaders”
Step 4: Complete concussion awareness training – “Making Headway in Sport”

Understanding the Officiating Pathway


Officiating is a single linear pathway.  Education and training is provided at each level to meet the competition requirements that match each stage.  Most officials in Canada are Provincial Technical Officials.  This group provides support to community events across the country, and are the foundation for the whole program.

Training for officials is a collaborative process between the Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs), Triathlon Canada and World Triathlon (WT).  Each organization takes the lead for a block of training, but all are building on a common foundation.

Click here to download the Officiating Pathway Infographic.


Achievement Markers

Technical Officials are described as follows:

  • Registered – when they have complete all the basic registration requirements
  • Trained – when they have completed all required training for a context
  • Certified – when they have successfully completed all evaluation requirements for a context

Officials can participate in training opportunities to acquire or refine the skills and knowledge required for a particular context as defined by the sport and be considered “trained“.

To become “certified” in an officiating context, officials must be assessed on their demonstrated ability to perform within that context.  Knowledge of the Competition Rules and operational procedures in the assigned sector(s) will be tested.

Certified officials enjoy the credibility of the sporting community and of the athletes they officiate because they have been observed and assessed “doing” what is required of them as a competent official. They are recognized as meeting or exceeding the high standards set for this program.


National Triathlon Officials Registry

The National Triathlon Officials Registry is a list of nationally endorsed officials. Inclusion on this list will let the public know that an official has met Triathlon Canada’s SafeSport standards – showing that the official values and upholds the philosophies of the SafeSport Movement. The SafeSport criteria are as follows:

  • Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC) (renewed every 2 years)
  • Respect in Sport: Respect for Activity Leaders (renewed every 4 years)
  • Concussion Awareness: Making Head Way in Sport

Click here for the Triathlon Canada Official Registry!

Officiating Contexts:

Provincial Technical Official Training

Provincial technical officials (PTO) form the foundation of the technical officials program in Canada, and make up approximately three-quarters of the team.  PTOs officiate at community events across the country.

Provincial technical official programs, including the recruitment and development of PTOs, are run by the Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) in each region.   Each PSO delivers an approved provincial technical official training program.

Triathlon Canada recognizes two levels of PTO, level 1 and 2 (PTO-1 and PTO-2).

Initial training as a PTO-1 is through a 4-hour course.  PTO-1 candidates learn about the roles and responsibilities of technical officials and the basic rules of triathlon.  Following successful completion of the course, the PTO-1 candidate must serve a probationary period where they are assessed on their knowledge of the competition rules and protocols and procedures, as well as their temperamental suitability for officiating.

After a minimum of 2 years as an active PTO-1, officials may be eligible to advance to the PTO-2 level.  Training as a PTO-2 requires an 8-hour course that builds on the concepts introduced in PTO-1 with the addition of basic operational planning and execution for the major sectors in a triathlon.  Following successful completion of the course, a probationary period and evaluation in the same format as PTO-1 must be completed.

Both of these courses are training in the context of community age-group triathlon.


Steps to Certification as a Provincial Technical Official (PTO):

Step 1: Complete the Basic Registration requirements (see above)
Step 2: Complete the PTO-1 Course
Step 3: Complete and successfully pass the PTO-1 Exam (if required by your PSO)

Status: “PTO-1 Trained”

Step 4: Complete the PTO-1 probationary period evaluation(s)

Status: “PTO-1 Certified”

Step 5: Gain a minimum of 2-years of practical experience as a PTO-1
Step 6: Complete the PTO-2 Course
Step 7: Complete and successfully pass the PTO-2 exam (if required by your PSO)

Status: “PTO-2 Trained”

Step 8: Complete the PTO-2 probationary period evaluation(s)

Status: “PTO-2 Certified”


National Technical Official Training

The National Technical Official program is managed and run by Triathlon Canada.  This context is where integration into the international technical program begins.  The NTO training program follows a Triathlon Canada syllabus that has been approved by World Triathlon (WT).

Training as an NTO is through a two-day course.  NTO candidates learn about the roles and responsibilities of national-level technical officials, the scope of Elite international triathlon competition and basic operational planning and execution for Elite-level triathlon.

NTOs are eligible to be assigned as:

  • A Technical Delegate (TD) for a national-level event
  • A Major Technical Official at the Canada Games

NTO training is also the foundation for World Triathlon Level 1 (WT-1) certification.  Once completed, the coursework is fully recognized – there is just one additional step of successfully working a WT validation event.   See the “International Technical Official Context and Training” section below for more information.  Most individuals who take the NTO course complete their WT-1 certification.


Steps to Certification as a National Technical Official:

Step 1:  Complete 2-years of practical experience as a PTO-2
Step 2: Complete the NTO Workshop
Step 3: Complete and successfully pass the NTO exam

Status “NTO Certified”

International Technical Official Training

There are three certification levels offered as part of the International Technical Official program. These are:

  • WT-1: crossover with NTO course content
  • WT-2: also referred to as “Continental Technical Official” (CTO)
  • WT-3: also referred to as “International Technical Official” (ITO)

As of 2021, the WT-3 level will be further subdivided into 3A and 3B levels.  Both the WT-2 and WT-3 programs are fully managed and operated by World Triathlon (WT).  This includes course scheduling, invitation to or eligibility for the course and the revalidation processes.

If you have any questions about WT’s TO certification system, you can find further information on the WT website, or contact the Triathlon Canada Technical Officials’ Coordinator at .


Steps to Certification as an International Technical Official:

Step 1:  Complete NTO certification
Step 2: Complete an WT-1 Validation Event and successful evaluation

Status “WT-1 Certified”


Step 3:  Complete the WT-2/CTO Course
Step 4: Complete the WT-2/CTO Evaluation

Status “WT-2/CTO Certified”


Step 5:  Complete the WT-3 Course
Step 6: Complete the WT-3 Evaluation

Status “WT-3 Certified”


Already a Triathlon Official?

Maintenance of Certification

All technical officials, regardless of level achieved, are required to revalidate their status on a periodic basis.   Revalidation is an integral part of the professional development process – the revalidation period and method is dependent on the level (see outline below).  It is only necessary to revalidate at your current level; so a PTO-2 only needs to revalidate at PTO-2, not PTO-1 and PTO-2.

PTO-1, PTO-2 and NTOs will be contacted by their province or Triathlon Canada when it is time to revalidate.  Individuals holding a WT designation will be contacted by WT when they are due to revalidate their level.

As of 2021 WT will require WT-2 and WT-3 candidates to successfully challenge WT-1 or WT-2 revalidation before being eligible for the WT-2 or WT-3 course. If this applies to you, you will be contacted by WT.


PTO-1 / PTO-2

PTO revalidation criteria are set by each province and may include a mixture of field-of-play assessment, re-attending a course or challenging an exam.


Revalidation interval: Four years
Revalidation method: Attend the NTO course.


Revalidation interval: Four years
Revalidation method: WT e-learning platform


Revalidation interval: Four years
Revalidation method: WT e-learning platform


Revalidation interval: Three years
Revalidation method: Attend WT-3 course

Professional Development

Triathlon Canada values the concept of lifelong learning and sharing within the worldwide officiating community.  Our sport is always evolving, and a system of ongoing professional development ensures that our officials are current on best practices and able to provide an amazing racing experience to athletes across the country.

Professional Development activities and points are tracked through your transcript on the Technical Officials’ Portal. As part of your ongoing commitment to officiating, all active officials are required to maintain their certification level by accumulating PD points over a set time frame.

Officiating Resources and Tools

Officiating resources, documents and links have been moved to the Technical Officials Portal. Use the unique link you were sent in your TO registration confirmation email to access the Portal. Documents and Links can be found under the Tools tab.

Click Here for the Official Portal FAQ

Major Games Nomination Policy

Triathlon Canada Major Games Technical Officials Nomination Policy



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