Triathlon Canada

One leaf. Three sports. No limits.

Triathlon Canada

One leaf. Three sports.
No limits.

Triathlon Canada supports athletes in reaching the Olympic and Paralympic podium, but we also inspire any Canadians who just want to discover what they’re made of. Because no matter where your start line is, we’re in it together.







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Why would Joanna Brown and Matt Sharpe show up to a media event in their race suits?!?! It's what they are most...

Funding injection - new home - new training centre - highlight new beginnings!...

How do you run a triathlon with no water? Water guns of course - target the athlete!!! Joanna Brown Matt Sharpe

Great to have Simon Whitfield with us to help launch a new era for Triathlon Canada!!!

Matt Sharpe talks with media about the importance of the National Performance Centre in Victoria!!

What do you do to celebrate a new National Performance Centre Centre and financial boost to the program -...


One leaf. Three sports. No limits.

Triathlon Canada Nation. We can. We will.

Triathlon Canada

The official start line for triathlon in Canada, leading some on a path to the podium and inspiring others to achieve their personal best.

Triathlon Canada
121 - 1925 Blanshard St.
Victoria, BC
V8T 4J2 Telephone: 250.412.1795
Fax: 250.412.1794

Office Hours: Daily 09:00 – 17:00 (PST)

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