About Triathlon Canada

About Triathlon Canada

A culture of gold medal performances

Triathlon Canada is a national organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the sport. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to the same expectation we have of our athletes and coaches who represent us: being the best in the field, whether it’s on the race course, in the training environment or in the offices and boardroom.

Triathlon Canada works closely with our provincial member organizations to deliver programs and services.  Becoming a part of the Triathlon Canada Nation starts with joining your provincial sport organization.



History, Medals & Records
Triathlon Canada has an incredible legacy and history in our sport internationally.

Canada has been at the forefront of the sport with our athletic performances from the early days in the 80s and 90s. The path of excellence was blazed by Carol Montgomery, Patricia and Sylviane Puntous, Peter Reid and Lori Bowden, just to name a few – athletes who inspired countless triathletes with their world championship performances…read more.


Canada’s History of Medalists at Major Events

Elite Triathlon Medals and Records
Elite Multisport Medals and Records
Age Group Triathlon Medals and Records
Age Group Multisport Medals and Records



To be a world leader in the sport of Triathlon.


To bring our country together under one Triathlon Canada Nation, with a focus on achieving excellence at all levels.


To put more Canadians at all levels on the start line and more high-performance athletes on the podium.


Core Values

Trust– We seek to build trust by demonstrating transparency and accountability in all that we do.

Integrity – We demonstrate integrity in our daily interactions, dealing fairly, respectfully and consistently with everyone.

Excellence – We are committed to achieving excellence by exhibiting organizational leadership, financial responsibility, innovation and sound decision-making.


Team Values

Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions and results, we engage others in decisions that affect them, we participate actively in discussion and commit to decisions once they are made, and we personally commit to the success and well-being of teammates.

Resilience – We set high standards and believe anything is possible; we strive to overcome adversity, turning losses into lessons and adapting to change and challenges as they arise.

Respect – We assume the best in everyone, listening to others for understanding and valuing all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.


Our Strategic Priorities and Goals

Performance – to optimize the platform for our high-performance athletes to excel in international and Olympic/Paralympic competitions while inspiring personal best performances at every level.

Pathway – to grow and support the Triathlon Canada Nation while providing a clear pathway to develop more Olympic/Paralympic triathlon podium performances for Canada.

Organizational Excellence – to increase our profile, strengthen our operations and diversify our resources to ensure long-term success as an organization.

Triathlon Canada is a non-profit society governed by a Board of Directors elected by the provincial sport organizations for up to four-year terms. The Governance Committee works with the Triathlon Canada Board of Directors by providing leadership within the organization in the areas of governance, particularly policy development, bylaws, nominations and election procedures and Board processes and effectiveness.

Triathlon Canada By-Laws
Triathlon Canada Core Policies

President, Calgary, AB

Peter McCrory

Director, Victoria

Brenda Eaton

Director, Oakville, ON

Peter Kozik

Athlete Director, Victoria

Sarah-Anne Brault

Director, Saskatoon, SK

Shawn Rempel

Interim CEO

Lucy Smith

Para-Triathlon Coach

Carolyn Murray

Communications Manager

Chris Dornan

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Van Bruggen

High Performance Coordinator

Lauren Nutt

Assistant Coach

Marc-Antoine Christin

Sport Development Officer

Rachel Macatee

Career Opportunities

Athlete Support Ecosystem

Champions don’t succeed in isolation. Athletes reach their potential when they are surrounded by a strong support ecosystem. Family and friends, coaches and technicians, volunteers and sport organizations – from clubs in all corners of the country to the national federation – are all vital to an athlete’s evolution and long-term success.

Triathlon Canada Nation. We Can. We Will.
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Triathlon Canada

The official start line for triathlon in Canada, leading some on a path to the podium and inspiring others to achieve their personal best.

Triathlon Canada
121 - 1925 Blanshard St.
Victoria, BC
Canada  V8T 4J2
Telephone: 250.412.1795
Fax: 250.412.1794
Office Hours: Daily 09:00–17:00(PST)

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