FAQ on Age-Group Team Canada Uniform

Thank you for expressing your concerns to us around the uniform kit for the 2017 World Championships.  We always appreciate feedback from our passionate community. We do take your feedback seriously and are constantly striving to serve our community better. That said,...

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New Triathlon Canada Web Site Under Construction

Thank you for visiting the Triathlon Canada web site. We are currently in the midst of a  complete rebranding process with the Taiji Brand Group that will include the construction of a new web site, which we anticipate being completed by April 10. We thank you for...

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Triathlon Canada Nation. We can. We will.


Triathlon Canada

The official start line for triathlon in Canada, leading some on a path to the podium and inspiring others to achieve their personal best.

Triathlon Canada
121 - 1925 Blanshard St.
Victoria, BC
V8T 4J2 Telephone: 250.412.1795
Fax: 250.412.1794

Office Hours: Daily 09:00–17:00(PST)

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