Provincial Sport Organizations

Our provincial members

Canada’s ten provinces have active sports organizations. We are working with our territories to develop the sport in those parts of the country. Click on your province to connect with local clubs, events and resources.

How we work together

Triathlon Canada is the governing body of the sport and together with the provincial sport organizations sets the strategic direction for the sport. Triathlon Canada works on providing the national alignment required for a strong national federation and the PSOs are responsible for delivering and executing the development pathway for athletes, coaches and officials. All provincial sport organizations are voting members of the national Triathlon Canada organization.


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Triathlon Canada
La ligne de départ officielle pour le triathlon au Canada, menant certains sur le chemin du podium et inspirant les autres à réaliser leurs meilleures performances.
Bureau national de
Triathlon Canada
1925 rue Blanshard, bureau 121
Victoria, Colombie-Britannique
Canada  V8T 4J2
Téléphone: 250.412.1795
Téléc.: 250.412.1794

Heures d’ouverture: Quotidiennement: 9h00 – 17h00 (Heure du Pacifique)
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