Triathlon Canada Adjusts 2019 Membership Fees

Dear Triathlon Canada Member,

As we swim, bike and run into the middle of the 2018 season, I would like to draw your attention to a change Triathlon Canada will be making in 2019 related to its membership fees.

After extensive analysis led by Triathlon Canada’s Membership Fees Working Group that involved representation from provincial partners, along with two surveys where the majority of those polled in the community supported an incremental increase in membership fees, Triathlon Canada’s Board of Directors will raise the national body’s portion of annual membership dues in 2019 from the current $5 to $15 for adults and from the current $3 to $6 for youth.

The working group proposed two options — both of which supported an increase spread over multiple years of up to $25 for adults and $10 for youth.

Option 1: an increase of $5/5/5 for adult fees and $3/3/2 for youth over the next three years;

Option 2: an increase of $10/5/5 for adults and $3/3/2 for youth over the next three years.

While both options supported multi-year increases, current by-laws state that an increase must be approved annually, so the Board will recommend an increase of $5 for adults and $3 for youth in each of the following two years (2020/21) to reach the proposed $25 adult/$10 youth annual fee. This also allows us to monitor the implementation of the increase and delivery of the strategic priorities and effect on membership.

The decision to make the increase was supported by provincial partners. It is Triathlon Canada’s first significant fee increase in the 30-year-history of the organization and will provide a more sustainable Triathlon Canada.

It is important to note the majority of Triathlon Canada’s revenue currently comes from Sport Canada, or other federal government agencies such as Own the Podium which is restricted to Olympic/Paralympic pathway programs (ie not age group.). This targeted funding is not stable, and can change drastically each year, making it difficult for long-term planning. Most importantly, Triathlon Canada is challenged with growing program costs – both age group and high-performance – that are exceeding revenues. Our budgets, therefore, are not sustainable at the current levels of support while still being able to meet commitments outlined in the Strategic Plan that have been identified as priorities by both the provinces and the national federation.

This bump in fees will provide our members additional benefits while also supporting costs for the key initiatives in the organization’s Strategic Plan that are targeted at improving the member experience and increasing participation in the sport across Canada.

One of those priorities that will receive immediate attention with this additional revenue is a coaching registration and certification program. As the national governing body, ensuring a safe and protective training environment for our athletes is a priority. Therefore, it is incumbent on us to ensure all coaches working with our athletes in Canada — regardless of level – are properly trained and have completed thorough background checks. This is currently not the case, which leaves all of us at risk. We look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming months on this initiative.

Other benefits associated with holding a Triathlon Canada membership include:

  • Eligible to apply for International Competition Cards;
  • Eligible to qualify for the Age Group Team Canada at Triathlon Canada-sanctioned events;
  • Support for youth and adult athlete programming, development and engagement;
  • Coaching standards and certification;
  • Support and standards for technical officials;
  • Governance and regulation of the sport of Triathlon in Canada including upholding the ideals of Fair Play;
  • Special events and annual excellence awards;
  • National registration system – for members who are on the system (also benefits Triathlon Canada);
  • Event sanctioning and risk management;
  • Dispute resolution (appeals /protest process).

Triathlon Canada will also invest in the delivery of the following, strategic initiatives: coaching registration and training, sport development, national alignment and member services with focus on delivery of the National Triathlon Registration System (NTRS) and the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development Pathway); and will strengthen its marketing and communications.

The Working Group believes the increase to be reasonable, aligned with best practices across sport in Canada, and is sustainable over the long term to allow Triathlon Canada to continue its mission of delivering programming from the grassroots level to age group and the organization’s high-performance national teams, while also supporting recruitment and retention initiatives across the country.

Triathlon Canada remains committed to delivering access to the resources our members need and deserve. This increase will allow us to accomplish that goal well into the future.


Kim Van Bruggen

CEO, Triathlon Canada

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