Jono Hall Steps Down as Head Coach of Triathlon Canada’s National Performance Centre

VICTORIA—Jono Hall has resigned from his position as head coach of Triathlon Canada’s National Performance Centre to be closer to family in his Australian home, Triathlon Canada announced on Friday.

The Australian-born coaching ace has played a key role in guiding Canada’s next generation of elite athletes into medal winning performers on the elite international triathlon stage since taking over the national coaching reigns in 2015.

“After a very challenging year that has been difficult on all of us – coaching virtually while navigating the pandemic, coupled with disappointing results at the Olympic Games and a challenging professional environment, I have determined it is time to step away from coaching in Canada and return home to Australia to spend more time with my wife and daughter while being closer to our extended families,” said Hall, who has coached internationally for the last 18 years and four Olympic Games.

“My coaching style has always put the athletes at the centre of all decision making. I have done this with the best of intent and with honest feedback. This approach has not always been well received; however, I remain an advocate for honesty and transparency and I am proud of the work I have done in Canada and grateful for the messages of thanks I have received from athletes and parents over the years.”

Triathlon Canada wishes to emphasize that Hall’s resignation is in no manner whatsoever related to the recent safe sport claims voiced in the community regarding his alleged breaches of Triathlon Canada’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.

While Hall was found to have contravened certain parts of Triathlon Canada’s Code of Conduct and Ethics following the conclusion of the independent investigation and disciplinary process in relation to his communication style and training accident protocols, all allegations of abuse, harassment and abuse of power were considered to be unfounded by the independent discipline panel appointed to hear the matter.

“Triathlon Canada takes all safe sport allegations seriously. A safe and positive training and competitive environment for everyone involved in our sport is Triathlon Canada’s number one priority,” said Peter McCrory, President, Triathlon Canada. “That said, while Triathlon Canada respects all individual’s rights to make a safe sport complaint in such circumstances, we also believe the individuals involved need to respect the confidentiality of the process as well as the outcomes, which includes any determinations made on appeal.”

Hall was suspended for five days from his coaching duties and was required to complete two online modules including one safe sport module and one module related to concussion protocols. Hall respected the process and the outcomes, completed these modules and returned to his coaching duties in the lead up to the Tokyo Games.

“It is important for the Canadian triathlon community – and the sport community at large – to understand that not all behaviour that falls under what has been termed ‘safe sport’ is criminal and warrants the cost of someone’s career or reputation. As in other professional environments, there are many times where coaches – and all involved in sport, for that matter – should have the opportunity to address issues, and make corrections to improve,” added McCrory. “On behalf of the greater triathlon community in Canada. I want to thank Jono for his passion and commitment to growing our program and wish him all the best in his future opportunities.”

Hall’s last day with Triathlon Canada will be on August 20. Triathlon Canada will complete a thorough review of its high-performance program following the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

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