FAQ on Age-Group Team Canada Uniform

Thank you for expressing your concerns to us around the uniform kit for the 2017 World Championships.  We always appreciate feedback from our passionate community. We do take your feedback seriously and are constantly striving to serve our community better.

That said, to help address your concerns, and those of the community, we have created the following FAQ.

Why has the price increased from past years?

In 2016 the cost for the Team Uniform was $300 + provincial taxes + shipping ($30CDN) along with a duty fee for a total of approximately $385-406 dollars (depending on provincial tax and individual order for duty).  In 2017, the costs range from $350-385 + taxes and shipping ($39AUS). This cost depends on the model of race uniform selected.  It is important to note that Duty charges are included in this price.  This is an overall price increase of approximately $40 dollars from previous years.

Triathlon Canada selected Project as its official clothing supplier in January of 2017 so the exact costs were not known upon athlete registration so last years price was provided as a guideline. While we did provide the uniform kit price of the previous year, the slight rate increase is due to the higher cost of manufacturing. Project remains competitive in pricing overall for technical gear in comparison to other suppliers.

Triathlon Canada is providing more detailed information on our new website regarding costs to represent Canada for those interested in participating in the future.

Why is the total cost in Australian currency?

Triathlon Canada had a tight timeline to select an official clothing supplier in order to meet the demands of uniform preparation. As a result, Project Clothing was unable to set-up the Canadian-based office prior to uniform orders being required—thus we are using their existing site, which requires the items be charged in Australian dollars.  However, because we have an agreement with Project on pricing in Canadian dollars, this was reflected on the web site.  While I appreciate this may be confusing to our community, it is being fixed, and Project Clothing will have an employee and Canadian branch with a Canadian based web store in place later this spring.

Why does Triathlon Canada not have a Canadian Supplier? 

In the fall of 2016, Triathlon Canada issued an international request for proposal in an effort to select the best manufacturer of technical training and race gear for all athletes in the Triathlon Canada Nation.  Based on a recent survey completed by Age-Group Team Canada athletes, along with input from athletes at all levels in our Olympic and Paralympic pathway, Triathlon Canada prioritized quality, design and cost above what country the clothing partner was located.  We simply wanted the best deal possible for all of our athletes. Without question, Project Clothing delivered the largest return for our entire community – ensuring the needs of all of our athletes were met.  Also, as part of their agreement with Triathlon Canada Project is hiring a Canadian staff member and will be building the Canadian web store.

What is compulsory and why do I have to order the whole team kit? 

There are very strict guidelines in place that are set by the International Triathlon Union for major international competitions. The ITU has uniform requirements, which are stated in the ITU Competition Rules.  All athletes must wear the exact same race suit in the discipline, which they are competing in. The rules also state the colour and design of the uniform, along with podium apparel, must be distinct to that country and must be approved by the ITU in advance.

Given this, Triathlon Canada has a mandatory Team Uniform to ensure that athletes meet all of the ITU Requirements.  The uniform is non-negotiable.  The Team Uniform includes:

  • Race Suit
  • T-Shirt
  • Shorts/Skirt or Backpack
  • Team Jacket

While Triathlon Canada has submitted the payment of Race Fees to the Local Organizing Committee, we are still responsible for submitting athlete’s names to the ITU Start list.  We only submit those athletes in good-standing with Triathlon Canada. Should you not comply to the uniform requirements, you would therefore not be in good-standing and would not be eligible to compete.

Why did you include a jacket as a compulsory item when it will be very warm in Penticton in August?

Based on the feedback we heard from age group Team Canada athletes in our 2016 Triathlon Canada survey, athletes ranked the following in order of importance to them: jacket, tri-shorts and tri-top in the mandatory Team Uniform/Parade kit.  They also asked to use the Race Suit for at least two years in a row to save money. We listened to our athletes and this has been negotiated in the new agreement with Project.

How is the Age-Group Team Canada funded?

Athlete participation on Team Canada is completely self-funded. There are significant costs that are involved in selecting and managing a national team to compete at World Championships. As a result, Triathlon Canada takes a $150 Team Management Fee, which pays for the year-round administration and management of Age-Group Team Canada. Specifically, the funds support the identification and selection of Triathlon Canada Qualification Events, athlete registration and acceptance, development and coordination of accommodation, travel, uniform design and administration, health and safety of athletes, insurance and bike support. Triathlon Canada also supplies a management team at each race who is responsible for managing the team, liaising with the ITU, providing daily information updates, athlete briefings, coached familiarization rides, organizing team dinners and “office hours” to help each and every athlete in their race preparation and coordination.   It also includes a team “Meet and Greet”– a special social event organized to provide Canadian athletes with a unique opportunity can get to know their teammates over food and beverages in a fun environment.

As a non-profit organization, all additional funds are re-directed into the Age-Group Team Canada program. Triathlon Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic program is funded entirely by all levels of government, along with corporate support. Age-group program fees do not support the Olympic and Paralympic program.

What are Triathlon Canada’s refund policies?

Team Management Fees:  All team management fees are non-refundable. Athletes, under no circumstances, will be able to defer their team management fee to a subsequent ITU World Championship event, nor are they able to transfer this fee to another athlete.

Race Fees: It is important to note Triathlon Canada is not responsible for setting race fees. This is done by the ITU and Local Organizing Committees (LOC). Race fees can be refunded by formal written request to Triathlon Canada up until the deadline where funds are transferred to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). The deadline for the transfer of funds to the LOC is specific to each ITU World Championship Event. Triathlon Canada will identify the deadline for refunds at the same time athletes are notified of the race fee payment.  All information will be posted on the Triathlon Canada web site. If a written request is received prior to this deadline, Triathlon Canada will issue a refund less the transaction and administration fee to process the refund. If written request is sent after this deadline, all race fee payments will be non-refundable. Athletes, under no circumstances, will be able to defer their race fee payment to a subsequent year.

Uniforms: It is imperative that athletes use the sizing chart to determine their correct suit measurements and the correct fit for all items. There will be no refunds on clothing orders.  The exception is if there is a manufacturers error.  Please contact Project should you have any questions.

Project Contact: Project

I hope this helps clarify some of your questions and concerns. Once again, I thank you for expressing your concerns to me directly. You are a valued member of the Triathlon Canada Nation.

Triathlon Canada Nation. We can. We will.


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