Peter McCrory

Elected: 2019
End Term: 2023
Committees: Board Chair

Peter is a business and sport leadership consultant in Calgary who has been charge of leading project change management, and accountable for the operational delivery of more than $6m in revenue for world-class high performance sport and recreation facilities in the city.

Peter brings a wealth of sport and corporate leadership experience to the Board having worked at the C-suite level with summer and winter sport organizations, Olympic Oval, Own the Podium, Canadian Sport Institutes, public office and fund raising organizations alongside more than 35 clubs, their coaches and their Boards in the City of Calgary.

With proven experience in leading teams to deliver business outcomes across a number of industries including, but not limited to: sport and recreation, commercial aviation, oil and gas, healthcare and the automotive industry; Peter has worked in organizational change functions and has delivered complex business transformation projects and programs in Europe and Canada. He brings a global perspective of how to establish, execute and excel in business transformation and business operations. Peter holds a Masters in Sport Science, is a published author in Sport Psychology, and brings an applied understanding of the business and science of sport to Triathlon Canada’s Board. He is a longtime triathlete, and a former coach.

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