Athletes from 8 Countries Take Part in 6th Edition of ITU S3 Winter Triathlon World Cup

Québec, Thursday, February 21, 2019 – Held as part of the programming of the 15th Québec Pentathlon des neiges presented by MEC – the largest winter multisport event in the world with more than 6000 participants – the 6th edition of the ITU S3 Winter Triathlon World Cup features three distinct challenges: snow running, skating and cross-country skiing.

126 athletes from 8 countries will participate to the competitions: Austria, France, Finland Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, USA and of course Canada. Participants in the elite and age groups will run 4.5 km, skate 11 km and ski 9.5 km. In the Sprint distance participant will run 1.4 km, skate 5.6 km and ski 3 km. Both Lovisa Modig, from Sweden and Canada’s Maxime Leboeuf, 3 times winner, will try to defend their titles in the elite category.

“We are extremely happy with the outcome of the new S3 winter triathlon format that was first presented here in Quebec in 2014. This weekend’s field is more impressive than ever. More and more athletes are inquiring about this new sport. Recent development in Austria, where an exciting event was presented part of the Alternative Elfstedentocht, demonstrate the growing interest in the new S3 format. And there is much more to come! “says an enthusiastic Francois Calletta, General Manager of Groupe Pentathlon, organizer of the event.

“Other events are developing in Canada and around the world. New confirmed infrastructures in Montreal and other cities will allow for even more. Triathlon Québec, Triathlon Canada and the International Triathlon Union are all playing an important role in the development. We knew it would take time to develop… but it is happening. There are still a lot of work to be accomplished but we are more excited than ever. This weekend world Cup will again demonstrate the potential of the sport.” confirms Calletta.

“Snow and ice are key to our identity in Canada, not to mention internationally, and I believe the dark days of winter should not stop the Triathlon Canada Nation from competing year-round,” said Kim Van Bruggen, chief executive officer, Triathlon Canada. “The Winter Triathlon World Cup is exciting, spectator friendly and provides other tremendous opportunity to expand our reach into other areas of the community to attract new participants into our sport.”

“It is with great pleasure that we return to beautiful Quebec city for the sixth edition of this event, once again held here as part of the MEC Winter Pentathlon. The occasion is the world’s largest winter multisport event, and the ITU S3 Winter World Cup format sees the athletes tackle another tough snow run, skate and cross-country ski course. The S3 triathlon continues to grow in stature and is always a highlight of the Winter Pentahlon, taking place on the historic Plains of Abraham.” said Marisol Casado, President, International Triathlon Union, IOC Member.

About Groupe Pentathlon

Founded in 2005, Groupe Pentathlon is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop innovative sporting events that have a major impact and that bring people together so they can enjoy life-enhancing emotions and experiences. The Pentathlon des neiges presented by MEC is the only event of its kind in the world and is the world’s biggest winter multisport event. All part of the programming of the Pentathlon des neiges, the Groupe invented 3 sports: Pentathlon, S3 Triathlon and Duathlon. To complete the “original” Pentathlon des neiges, athletes are required to complete 5 discipline, on a continuous basis as in a triathlon: biking, running, cross-country skiing, skating and snowshoeing. In 2014, Groupe Pentathlon innovated by presenting the world premiere of the ITU S3 winter triathlon – snow running, skating and cross-country skiing. In 2018 the duathlon was added to the programming: run, ski and run.

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