A Look Back on Tokyo 2020

“I am proud of what our athletes and staff were able to achieve at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In spite of the pandemic, the training challenges and hurdles they all have had to overcome in the lead up to the Games, each of the athletes were able to execute on the plans and strategies we had in place as a team.

Winning a medal at the Olympic Games is a dream of many but the reality is that it is one of the hardest things to achieve in sport.  It requires other worldly preparation, a critical mass of people working towards a common goal and flawless execution.  Even with all that, a bit of fortune is always welcome.

For these athletes to toe the start line here in Tokyo after the past 18 months is nothing short of an exceptional achievement in its own.  To then maximize their potential, or exercise a strategy to achieve a goal that the rest of the world is also aiming for, is a testament to the athlete and staff’s grit and composure.

Tokyo has always been a steppingstone in our goals for Paris 2024, and this week showed us what we are able to achieve and what the current world benchmark is to deliver podium performances.  This Olympic Games will help us continue to build on our Paris strategies and progression.

I can speak on behalf of the entire Triathlon Canada team that Japan provided the world with an amazing Olympic Games under unprecedented conditions.  It is an environment that has brought out the best of the world’s athletes and it was great to see our athletes stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

We will be preparing for the Paralympic Games which are right around the corner and will be cheering on the rest of Team Canada over these next few weeks.”

…Eugene Liang, High-Performance Director

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