A Letter to the Triathlon Canada Community RE: CEO of Triathlon Canada

Dear Triathlon Canada Community:

The Board of Directors of Triathlon Canada would like to inform you that Lucy Smith has been appointed to interim chief executive officer, effective immediately, during Kim Van Bruggen’s previouslyannounced leave of absence.

Lucy is a familiar face to many in Canada’s triathlon community. A lifelong multi-sport athlete who has competed internationally and has delivered high-quality coaching from the grassroots to high-performance level over the last three decades, Lucy is an education major who joined Triathlon Canada in 2018 to work with our national and provincial partners while leading the revision of theorganization’s National Coaching Certification Program for both community and competitive pathways.

The Board of Directors is confident that Lucy’s deep-rooted history and knowledge of our sport, experience working with all of our stakeholders, combined with her passion, strong organizational andrelationship building skills will enable her to serve as interim CEO with competence and professionalism, while providing the organization’s operations with the leadership and stability it requires duringKim’s time away.

Working with the support of the staff in the national office, Lucy has agreed to split her time serving as interim CEO with her regular coaching program responsibilities until October. During this time,she will be the main point of contact for all stakeholders and members.

It was important to the Board of Directors to appoint a member of the current staff to this interim position – a professional who would be able to provide stability during this time with a calm andmeasured temperament to allow the organization to continue leading all operations, and if possible, progress key strategic initiatives.

In closing, I would like to thank Lucy for taking on the additional responsibility of filling this very important role. I thank you all in advance for your offers of help and support during this period, yourpatience with Lucy and the team, as well as your willingness to work together to continue to move our organization forward.


Peter McCrory
President, Triathlon Canada


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