Triathlon Canada Suits Up in the Water with Aquaman

VICTORIA—Canada’s triathletes will dive into the 2023 season with Aquaman following a new partnership struck between the world-renowned wetsuit provider and Triathlon Canada.

Triathlon Canada has inked a six-year deal with Aquaman – one of the top triathlon wetsuit brands in the world – as the organizations’ official wetsuit partner.

“Triathlon Canada and Aquaman share a tradition of excellence that is rooted in performance,” said Joe Morissette, Chief Executive Officer, Triathlon Canada. “Aquaman is a proven performer over the last four decades and will provide Canada’s triathletes with a technological advantage over the competition in the water. We are thrilled to have Aquaman join our team in an effort to ensure our athletes have access to the resources they need to achieve their training and competitive goals.”

Founded in Europe in 1984, Aquaman created its first wetsuits specifically for triathlons. The superior high-tech product provides warmth, freedom of movement, low water friction, and is easy to remove.

Aquaman will outfit Triathlon Canada’s elite national team in Cell Gold Wetsuits annually for the next six seasons. “We are very pleased with this partnership with Triathlon Canada which is in line with Aquaman’s desire to be as close as possible to triathletes in order to listen to their expectations. We are convinced that the members of Triathlon Canada will allow us to continue to design ever more efficient swimming suits,” said André Bennatan, Owner/Manager, Aquaman North America.

Benefits of the partnership will also extend to Triathlon Canada’s members via an online team store recently launched by Aquaman.

“There are many pieces that make up the path to the podium or an individual’s goals when competing in triathlon. We recognize the importance of perfecting each one of these steps to provide our elite athletes with the opportunity to compete against the world’s best, or in supporting our age group community in achieving their personal goals,” added Morissette. “Triathlons cannot be won in the swim, but they definitely can be lost. Aquaman will play a key role in helping Canadian triathletes charge into first transition as the leaders at races around the globe.”

Triathlon Canada is the governing body of the sport in the country. Triathlon Canada’s more than 22,000 members include athletes, coaches and officials from the grassroots to elite levels. With the support of its valued corporate partners – 94 FORWARD, Training Peaks, Subaru Canada, Z3R0D, Aquaman, Tribe Solutions, Champion System Canada, BOCO Gear Canada, ZiZU Optics, Outway Performance Socks, SCICON, SportsShare, WestJet and FulGaz – along with the City of Victoria, Government of Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, and Own the Podium, Triathlon Canada develops Olympic, Paralympic and World Champions in all race disciplines. For more information on Triathlon Canada, please visit us at

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