Start Your 2017 Training Journey with TrainingPeaks

As a Triathlon Canada athlete, you are in the business of dreams.

Big ones, small ones, scary ones—the shape they take isn’t the point. It’s about the journey. And each year during this time, we all get a chance to start down a new path, one filled with performance goals, risks, missteps and rewards.

TrainingPeaks has teamed up with Triathlon Canada to offer all athletes 20 per cent off our Premium Athlete Edition using coupon code 2017TriCanada.

Whether you want to train yourself, follow a training plan, or work with an expert coach, TrainingPeaks is here to help guide you on your journey.Results Start Here.

Start Your Journey

Nation Triathlon Canada. Nous voulons. Nous pouvons. Ne manquez jamais une mise à jour.


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