Stuck indoors?  No problem.

Join us as we tour the world from home.

Distancing yourself from the competition has just taken on a whole new meaning.  Our sport has ground to a halt, and we have to find new ways to stay connected and on course. Triathlon Canada is excited to announce a new partnership with FulGaz to offer an online race season. It’s the perfect way to stay mentally and physically engaged in the sport we love!


FulGaz is a state-of-the-art training tool

The Fulgaz is a user-friendly training app that looks and feels as close to riding outdoors as possible. It transports you anywhere in the world to ride some of the most iconic roads from the comfort of your home in stunning 4K quality. It works with just about any indoor trainer, adjusting video speed and resistance to match your effort. Choose from over 900 courses filmed all over the world. Push yourself on your local training loop or experience the great climbs of the French Alps — Fulgaz has something for everyone.


Triathlon Canada Indoor World Series

Triathlon Canada has identified five iconic events from around the world to kick off our online World Series Indoor Season. It’s a new concept but we’re excited about where this can go. We will be adding more events and new contents as quickly as we can. But, here are some of the highlights to get you started:

  • FREE 4-week FulGaz trial
  • Participation in Triathlon Canada World Series
  • Participation in Triathlon Canada National Tour
  • Exclusive Canadian race content
  • Exclusive training and coaching content


Click here for the current Series Leader Board!

Find out more about Triathlon Canada’s online Race Season:

How to Join

Get started!

STEP 1 – Obtain an annual triathlon membership – FREE options below!
STEP 2 – Download the free one-month trial of the FulGaz app
STEP 3 – Start racing!  The Triathlon Canada World Series begins on Tuesday, April 28th

Annual Triathlon Membership

We are working hard to make joining in as accessible as possible.

The first thing you need is an annual triathlon membership.  The good news?   Triathlon Canada is offering a FREE stand-alone membership to access the online racing content.  A Triathlon Canada membership is included in the purchase of any provincial annual membership.  If you have already purchased a 2020 membership, your $15 contribution to Triathlon Canada will be rolled over for next season.  Our provincial partners are continuing to offer programming, so a provincial annual membership is still a great investment.

FREE Triathlon Canada membershipFull Provincial Annual Membership

FulGaz Subscription

The second thing you will need is a FulGaz subscription.  Every Triathlon Canada member receives a FREE 4-week trial.  Just use the code in your member confirmation email.

Click here to get started on FulGaz.


  • Annual: $12.08/month ($144.99/year)
  • Monthly: $16.99/month ($203.88/year)

What equipment is required?

You will need the following to get the full experience:

  • A device to run the FulGaz app
  • A bike
  • A smart trainer

If you do not have access to a smart trainer, you can still join in!  A simple speed sensor will allow you to have results generated, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Triathlon Canada World Series - April 28 to May 10

World Series Overview

We have created a Triathlon Canada World Series from the rides currently available on the FulGaz platform.  All races can be completed in approximately 60 minutes (depending on how fast you ride!).  We will begin in Australia and work our way back to Canada over 5 stages.

The stages are as follows:

  • STAGE 1 – Beach Road Complete (AUS) – April 28 to April 30
  • STAGE 2 – Lake Como to Bellagio (ITA) – May 1 to May 3
  • STAGE 3 – Alpe d’Huez (FRA) – May 4 to May 6
  • STAGE 4 – Going to the Sun Road West (USA) – May 7 to May 9
  • STAGE 5 – Axel Merckx Climb (CAN) – Sunday, May 10

Stages 1 – 4 will be open for 3 days each.  Stage 5 will be open for 24 hours.  You can login at any time within each window to complete your ride.  A live leader board will track your progress, and there is a digital leader jersey as extra incentive for each stage!

Virtual awards will be completed on Tuesday, May 12 by gender/age category.


Triathlon Canada National Tour - May 15 to May 29

National Tour Overview

The National Tour will follow a similar format to the World Series.  We have selected race content from across Canada, and will race from Nova Scotia to British Columbia over 5 stages.  All races are intended to take approximately 60 minutes (30-50km).

The stages are as follows:

  • STAGE 1 – Shelburne (NS) – May 15 to May 17
  • STAGE 2 – Mt. Tremblant to lac superior (QC) – May 18 to May 20
  • STAGE 3 – 1000 Island Parkway (ON) – May 21 to May 23
  • STAGE 4 – Banff (AB) – May 24 to May 26
  • STAGE 5 – Stanley Park (BC) – May 27 to May 29

All stages will be open for 3 days.  You can login at any time within each window to complete your ride.  A live leader board will track your progress, and there will be a digital leader jersey as extra incentive for each stage.  We will be looking to add some extra inter-provincial ranking as well!

Virtual awards will be completed on Monday, June 1 by gender/age category.


Coming Soon!

We are very excited to build on everything FulGaz has to offer to create a unique opportunity and experience for our members.  There is so much potential, and we will be pushing out new programs for you to try as quickly as we can.  Here are some examples of the other pieces we are working on:

YOUR Canadian Races

Triathlon Canada will be developing exclusive content just for our members.  Working with our provincial partners and race organizers from across the country we will be adding as many of your favourite domestic events as soon as possible.

Coaching and Training

We will be working with amazing coaches from across the country to provide rides that are narrated with course tips and training recommendations!


Frequently Asked Questions

I am having technical difficulties!

The team at FulGaz can best support you with any technical issues.

Click here for technical support, information and FAQs from FulGaz.

How do I prevent my video from freezing or crashing?

The best way to guarantee a smooth ride is to download the course first – we HIGHLY recommend that you go this route.  This way you are not reliant on stable internet for the duration of your ride.  If you would like to stream the course, you can reduce the video resolution so that it doesn’t require as much bandwidth.

How do I access the Triathlon Canada rides?

Make sure you use the codes that have been provided to all members.  These codes automatically place you in the “Triathlon Canada” group on the FulGaz system.  You should see the Triathlon Canada logo on your main dashboard.  This is where all of our rides will be.  Please make sure you do the ride in the folder, as this is linked to our leader boards.

Do I need a Smart Trainer?

A smart trainer will give you the best user experience, however you can still participate without one.  A simple speed sensor will allow your results to be recorded, or you can just ride along to enjoy the scenery!

Where are my results?

In order to appear on the leader board, you must have done the ride that is in the “Triathlon Canada” folder on the FulGaz dashboard.  If you completed the right course but from the main ride list, your time can still be added to the leader board. 

How long does the leader board take to update?

The upload is usually pretty quick, but it can take a bit of time for your data to be scanned into the leader board.  Please don’t submit your results multiple times!  If you do, you will end up with your name listed multiple times.  FulGaz has a built in “clean-up” system that checks and removes duplicates periodically throughout the day.

What time do stages open and close?

  • Pacific Daylight Time – 9:00pm
  • Mountain Daylight Time / Central Standard Time – 10:00pm
  • Central Daylight Time – 11:00pm
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 12:00am
  • Atlantic Daylight Time – 1:00am
  • Newfoundland Daylight Time – 1:30am


Information for Race Directors

How to submit a race course

All sanctioned events are eligible to have their course included on the Triathlon Canada FulGaz site.  Eligibility will be based on the following criteria:

  • Event must be in good standing with their affiliated Provincial Sport Organization (PSO)
  • Event must have been sanctioned in 2019, or have received approval from their affiliated PSO for their video submission

Click here for a comprehensive guide on submitting footage.

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