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Age-Group Team Canada

The Canadian Age-Group World Championship Teams consist of top performing age-group athletes in Canada who earn a spot at a Qualification Race to represent Canada on the world stage at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championships. Team members have the opportunity to proudly represent their country, participate in a unique team environment and celebrate their sport within the global triathlon community. The age-group team is one hundred percent self-funded.

Each year, there are three world championship events:

  • ITU Multisport World Championships Festival
  • ITU World Triathlon Grand Final
  • ITU Triathlon Sprint & Relay World Championships (new for 2021)

Event Information from the Local Organizing Committees isn’t typically posted until after the event for the current year is completed.


2021 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final

Date: Aug 17 – 22
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Website: Click here

2021 ITU Multisport World Championships

Date: Sept 3 – 12
Location: Almere-Amsterdam, NL
Website: Click here

2021 ITU Sprint & Relay World Championships

Date: Coming soon
Location: Hamilton, Bermuda
Website: coming soon

How to Qualify

Team Selection

The most important information to read and understand if you are interested in becoming a member of Age Group Team Canada is the team selection policy.  It outlines eligibility, how athletes are selected, and the order in which athletes are confirmed to the team.

Triathlon Canada Age Group World Championship Team Selection Policy

Expression of Interest

An expression of interest is the mechanism by which athletes confirm their intention to compete and accept a place at the Age Group World Championships if they qualify. By expressing intent, the results can be filtered to a final list of athletes who wish to compete at the World Championships, and places can be “rolled-down”.  The application will open 3 weeks before each race and close the day before the event.

All athletes seeking to compete for a place must submit an Expression of Interest prior to each qualifying event. An online page will be available for each event and discipline.

There will be a $20 fee to complete the Expression of Interest to encourage only serious athletes to apply for a spot. The $20 will be considered a deposit for those who are successful in obtaining a spot and will be deducted from their race entry fee. The $20 fee will not be refunded for athletes who are not successful in obtaining a spot. However, it can be applied to a charity entry.


Submission of Results

Please allow one month from the date of your qualification event for generation of an invitation to join the team.

The qualification program is extensive with races running all over the country.  Processing results takes time and requires the following:

  1. Qualification event generates age-adjusted results
  2. Results are submitted to the affiliated Provincial Sport Organization (PSO)
  3. PSO verifies and submits top-8 age/gender category results to Triathlon Canada
  4. Triathlon Canada generates registration notifications

If you believe you have qualified and do not recieve a notification within one month, please contact .


What are Age-Adjusted Results?

Qualification events for Age Group World Championships are held during the competition season prior to the World Championship events. This means that the qualifying events and the World Championships events do not fall within the same calendar year. Athletes are qualifying for the age category they will represent at the World Championships, so results from the qualifying events are adjusted forward by one year. For example; for a 2020 qualification event, each athlete’s age is adjusted to represent how old they will be as of December 31st, 2021.

The important impact of this is that the race-day results at a qualifying event will not necessarily match the qualifying results submitted. An athlete may “age-up” and affect the ranking both in the age category they are leaving, and the new category they are joining. This could result in “bumping” an athlete from a spot.  If an athlete is first in the race-day results but is bumped to second in the age-adjusted results, that athlete does NOT automatically qualify for a spot if there is only one spot available at the qualifying event.  It is important to wait for the final age-adjusted results!


Timeline & Fees for Claiming a Spot

Confirmation to the team must be completed prior to the published deadline which is typically between September and November of the qualification year.  There will be a series of closure dates for each priority level outlined in the team selection document.  For example – priority 1 (direct qualification) registration must close so that priority 2 (roll down) can begin, and so on.  The deadlines will be communicated repeatedly to all eligible athletes via direct email as well as on Triathlon Canada’s social media feeds.  All athletes are responsible for knowing these timelines and meeting the deadlines.

Non-refundable Triathlon Canada Team Management Fees

In order to claim a spot, athletes must pay a non-refundable Triathlon Canada team management fee. These fees are used for the ongoing administration and management of the team.  These are NOT race registration fees – for full program costs see section below.


Qualifying events

The 2020 Qualification program has been suspended as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Competition Rules & Open Race Categories

ITU Competition Rules

The competition rules for triathlon at the world championship level are extensive.  The full rule book can be downloaded from the International Triathlon Union website:

 ITU Competition rules


The following section provides some information on some of the common rules to be aware of:

Wetsuit usage

The use of the wetsuits is determined by a combination of water and air temperature.  A final call on whether wetsuits will be permitted is typically made 1-hour before the first start.  Water temperatures are as follows:


Swim distance Non-wetsuit Mandatory
Up to 1500m 22° and more 15.9° and less
1501 m or more 24.6° and more 15.9° and less

If the wetsuit is not permitted during the swim, the uniforms must conform to the ITU uniform rules and may not be removed during the entire competition (including “swimskin” suits), except in medium distance and long distance events. This means that for triathlons of standard and sprint distances, anything that is worn in the water must be worn throughout the race. Athletes are not allowed to cover their arms or legs below the knee (no compression clothing).


Cycling equipment

In sanctioned age group races, bicycles with the UCI Road Race certification label (Code RD) are permitted. All bicycles in the age group, draft-legal races must be equipped with standard handlebars. Aerobars (including clip-on bars) are prohibited.

Bike frames
  • The bicycle frame must be of traditional design, that is to say constructed of a closed frame of tubular elements straight or tapered (which can be round, oval, flattened, teardrop-shaped or other cross section). Only bike-related product logos may appear on the athlete’s bike.
    The specific dimensions of the bike frame can be found on page 30 of the ITU Competition Rules.
  • Wheels must have at least 12 spokes.
  • Disc wheels are not allowed.
  • Only traditional handlebars are allowed.
  • The ends of the handlebars must be plugged.
  • Aerobars (including clip-on bars) are prohibited.

Disc brakes are not authorized for events with authorized train paths.

NOTE: disc brakes are not authorized for:

  • All triathlon and duathlon competitions with authorized train paths
  • Cross triathlon, cross duathlon
  • Winter triathlon

Helmets must be approved by an accredited national authority recognized by a National Federation affiliated to the ITU. Before purchasing a helmet, make sure it has a CSA, EN, ASTM, CPSC, or Snell B90/B95 certification sticker. Do not remove this sticker as it gives assurance to technical delegates that the bicycle helmet meets certified safety standards.

Open Categories

The ITU World Championship events will often offer open wave races in certain disciplines.  These are not official world championship categories, and registration is open to anyone.  Those looking for additional races or who were unable to qualify for the team may be interested in these opportunities.  Registration is handled through the Local Organzing Committee.  Please visit the event website for more information.

Program Costs, Policies & Manuals

Fees, accommodation and uniform

Team Canada Age Group team members are fully self-funded. Athletes should expect the following costs:

Item Approximate cost Due date
Team management fee (mandatory)  190$ When claiming your spot (non-refundable).
Race entry fees (mandatory)  ~ 200-700$
Depends on the race, how many races and currency
To be determined by organizing committee; typically 6-8 weeks prior to race
Team Canada uniform (Jacket, shirt, race suit) (mandatory)  approx. 425$
(includes taxes, duty and shipping)
In the Spring prior to the start of the competition season
Team Canada hotel (not required) approx.
(Depending on location)
November to January, prior to competition season.
Team Canada social
(not required)
Included in TM fee; nominal fee for additional guests. Announced in weeks prior to event.

Team Management Fee

Team management fees support Triathlon Canada’s annual administration and management of age group world championship teams and programs.  Funds support everything from managing qualification events through to supporting the team on the ground at each world championship event.  To learn more about what your team management fee does for you click here.

Race Entry Fees

Race entry fees are established by the local organizing committee (LOC). Triathlon Canada is required to collect these fees from all Canadian team members, and then transfer all funds directly to the LOC.  The LOC/ITU also dictate the currency that entry fees must be paid in.  Understand that international event fees are often in US dollars, euros and in some cases other local currencies.

Entry fees are typically collected 6-8 weeks prior to the event.  All team members will receive a link to register through Triathlon Canada’s National Triathlon Registration System (NTRS).  The ITU requires all entries to go through the National Federations, so this is the only available mechanism for paying entry fees.


Triathlon Canada is mandated by the ITU to guarantee that all athletes have appropriate insurance before they are put on a start list.  Insurance is included in the process for paying race entry fees and it mandatory for all team members.

Team Canada Uniform

The ITU require all team members to have the same uniform that meets the uniform specifications outlined in the ITU Competition Rules.  The Team Canada mandatory uniform includes a race suit (1 or 2 piece, depending on athlete preference), a jacket and a t-shirt.

Travel & Accommodation

Athletes must make their own arrangements for travel to world championship events. This includes airfare, ground transportation, bike shipments and accommodation.  General information is always provided by Triathlon Canada to assist with this process. 

Team Canada Hotels

All athletes are encouraged to find accommodation that is tailored to their arrangements and needs. There is no obligation to stay at the official Team Canada Hotel.  Triathlon Canada will establish a Team Canada hotel where possible.  We try to prioritize venues that:

  • Are in close proximity to the primary race site
  • Have no more than a mid-range price point
  • Permit bike storage within hotel rooms
  • Offer amenities such as breakfast, parking and wifi

Team activities are usually based from this location including briefings and course familiarizations.


The Local Organizing Committee typically provides direction or preferred rates on some travel arrangements. Details can be found in the venue-specific guidelines provided. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Click here for Selection Policy FAQ

Q: What is the ITU World Championship?

A: The International Triathlon Union (ITU) is the world’s governing body for triathlon and related multi-sport disciplines (i.e. long distance, duathlon, aquathlon, aquabike and cross triathlon). Every year, ITU organizes triathlon and multi-sport world championships for elite and age group athletes at the same venue and at the same time. To participate in the ITU World Championships, each athlete must qualify at an event in their country and register with their National Federation. It is the responsibility of the National Federation to register athletes for the World Championships.

Q: Are there races for age groups other than the ITU World Championships?

A: The ITU aims to provide opportunities for competition and sports development from the grassroots level to the elite at all their events. The idea of the beginner to the elite is unique to the sport of triathlon, where you can see athletes of all ages at the same competition. The event is meant to be inspiring and motivating. As such, almost all races in the ITU have an open tier for age groups that Canadian athletes can enter. Check out for events and the event-specific website for more information.

Any other questions?

Please email

Meet Your Team Managers
Christine Cogger

Christine supported Triathlon Canada as a Team manager since the inaugural 2017 ITU Multisport World Champioships in Penticton and is excited to return for 2020. An avid athlete herself, and Race Director for IRONMAN Canada Christine brings a wealth of knowledge and great energy to the team!

Christian Milette

Christian Milette has supported Team Canada at many events, including the 2019 ITU Multisport World Championships Festival in Spain and the 2019 Triathlon World Championships in Lausanne. He has also represented Canada at the ITU Duathlon World Championships in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 and is no stranger to the highest level of competition as an athlete. For the last 16 years Christian has been working for Radio Canada as an Animateur-videojournaliste. We are thrilled to have Christian as part of our management team again and are lucky to have his support!

Team Communications

Team Canada uses Slack, a free app, to communicate with team members while on the ground at these events. We set up a team channel well in advance of the events to encourage athletes to get to know one another and share valuable information – an especially great tool for first time world championship attendees.

Make sure you download the app prior to attending the event and join the group. If you don’t have the link, please email

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