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Professional & elite multi-sport

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Turning “pro” isn’t just a commitment to excellence. It is a lifestyle, a passion and a business. You’ll be racing among the best in the world – and it requires mental strength, time and financial management to keep you on top of your game. Find out if you’re ready to turn pro here.

Selection Criteria - International Competition Card (ICC)

In 2016, Triathlon Canada renewed the ITU Elite Multisport World Championship Team Selection policy and the ICC Criteria for Multisport Athletes.

The events in the ITU Multisport World Championships include:

  • ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships
  • ITU Duathlon World Championships
  • ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships
  • ITU Aquathlon World Championships

Meet some of Canada’s Pro Team athletes

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Triathlon Canada

The official start line for triathlon in Canada, leading some on a path to the podium and inspiring others to achieve their personal best.

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