Yan Therrien

Elected: 2018
End Term: 2021
Committee: Governance

Yan Therrien has been a Mountie for 25 years. Having worked in Vancouver area, Ottawa and now Montreal, Yan brings extensive leadership to Triathlon Canada. Currently he manages an investigating sector of more 100 employees of police officers, civilian members and public servants. His extensive management experience led him into a leadership coordinator position where he mentored RCMP supervisors and managers in a healthy and productive environment.

Committed to getting young people moving regardless of the sport, Yan brings extensive experience and a true passion for triathlon. A certified ITU official at the highest level, he began officiating in 2007. Yan has been recognized as an Official of the year in Quebec nominated for international official at the Sports Québec gala. Also a head referee at the Mont Tremblant Ironman since its inception, Yan knows all aspects of triathlon development in both short and long distance. He has been and continues to be a technical delegate at several international events. He is also an ITU Official Instructor.

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