Sasha Beck

Sasha Beck is a seasoned triathlete deeply embedded in Canada’s athlete development pathway. From her early days racing at the club level to representing Triathlon Ontario and Triathlon Canada on national and international stages, Sasha has consistently excelled both in sports and academics.

Graduating with a degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Guelph, where she also contributed to the varsity swim team. Sasha has a wealth of experience in both development and Paralympic programs which provides valuable insights on policy, criteria, standards, pathways, and leadership on the Board of Directors. Her deep understanding of athlete issues and challenges, cultivated through working and training with athletes at various levels, positions her as a catalyst for positive change within Triathlon Canada.

In 2014, she became a guide in Triathlon Canada’s Paratriathlon program, sparking a global journey and a lifelong commitment to fostering inclusivity in sports for individuals with disabilities. Sasha’s Paralympic experience has fueled her mission to introduce aspiring athletes with disabilities to triathlon in Ontario. Founding the club Paratriathlon Ontario last year, she serves as the head coach, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity at the introductory level for all ages.

In addition to being a mom of twins, she is a dedicated, collaborative, and goal-oriented individual, Sasha contributes to the stability and strength of the organization she loves, all while continuing to learn and grow alongside fellow board members.

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