Eugene Liang

Eugene Liang took over the reins of Triathlon Canada’s high-performance program in October 2016. A quiet yet confident leader who is passionate and driven, Eugene’s goals are completely clear – to get Canadian triathletes back on the Olympic podium by 2024, grow the national program, and ultimately create more medal winners for Canada, at all levels.

Eugene has played a key role in driving medal-winning performances for nearly two decades while working in the sport sciences sector of Canada’s high-performance sport system, both with Swimming Canada and the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. He is most known for his work with Swimming Canada where he spent the first 10 years of his career as a healthcare service provider and leader within the Integrated Support Team for the national swim body before going on to serve a five-year stint with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific as health sciences lead. Eugene was brought in by the late Dr. Gord Sleivert to help create and deliver the first healthcare model for the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.

A highly-motivated professional who knows what it takes to win, Eugene has been through the peaks and valleys of a respected sports program while working closely with a number of accomplished and respected high-performance directors across Canada who have achieved excellence at major international competitions. As a result, Eugene understands the patience and time investment required to build a medal-winning program.

In order to revive Canada’s identity as an international pacesetter in the sport of triathlon, Eugene is determined to develop a coach-driven, athlete-focused program based in Canada that is accountable, reliable and dependable while re-establishing the nation as a world leader in the sport in 2024 and beyond.

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