Andrew Dacanay

Andrew Dacanay is responsible for leading the nation’s technical officials to support the continued growth of the sport in Canada. Andrew joined Triathlon Canada in 2019 following a stint leading Triathlon Nova Scotia as the provincial body’s executive director.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience working with the International Triathlon Union, knowledge of the rules and regulations guiding technical officials, along with a passion for officiating the sport of triathlon. He is driven to build on the solid foundation established for Triathlon Canada’s technical officials program in an effort to make it even stronger into the future.

Andrew was first recruited into Nova Scotia’s technical officials’ program in 2003 and has since developed into a Continental Technical Official where he has officiated triathlons at all levels of the sport throughout North America and Europe.

Andrew leads the development and delivery of the National Technical Officials program in Canada, while training and maintaining the country’s technical officials through an ITU accredited program. Leading a technical officials working group, he will also be tasked with ensuring the alignment of the technical officials across the country. He will also work closely in this position with Triathlon Canada’s sport development officer and high-performance director in the development of the annual domestic race calendar for all levels of the sport in Canada, while also supporting the ITU in modifying and providing advice on competition rules.

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