Maïra Carreau

National Development Team
Date of Birth: April 15, 2003
Birth Place: Montreal, QC
Residence: La Prairie, QC

Maïra started triathlon when she was six when her parents registered her in to a swimming club to improve her swimming technique. She fell in love with swimming and competed for 10 years, reaching a national level. One summer, when she was nine, Maïra participated in a road bike race because her brother was in that sport. In 2016, she participated in the provincial games, Jeux du Québec, in triathlon. It is here she realized the potential she had in the sport. It is only in 2020 that she decided to stop swimming and put aside bike races to do triathlon.

Maïra looks up to Maghalie Rochette – an inspiring Canadian professional cyclo-cross rider who is open about her journey as an athlete through her podcast.

Maïra is currently completing a pre-university program in pure and applied sciences, to get into environmental engineering or environmental sciences at university.

In 2020, she decided to do the Shaved Head Challenge of Leucan with her friend – a fundraising campaign that helps families of children diagnosed with cancer.

She loves doing Karaoke. Her friend’s user her as a living GPS – even though she admittedly confuses her left and right. She usually can be seen wearing yellow crocs on her feet. If she is not competing in triathlon, you can find her on the mountains, camping and trekking. She would love to cook banana bread all day.

Career Highlights

2022 – Americas Triathlon Championships, Montevideo, Uruguay: 9 (junior)
2022 – Americas Triathlon Cup, Stockton, SWE: 14
2022 – Europe Triathlon Junior Cup, Quarteira, POR: 9
2022 – Americas Triathlon Junior North Americas Championships, Sarasota, USA: 9
2021 – Junior PanAm Championships: 5
2021 – Long Beach American Cup, Long Beach, USA: 11

Major Games
World Championships

2022-Junior World championship Quarteira, POR: 34

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