A Message to the Triathlon Canada Nation

I want to provide an update and check-in as we are all adjusting to our new norm. I am proud of the resiliency shown across the Triathlon Canada Nation as everyone is working together to help keep our employees, their families, and the larger communities where we live, work, and train as safe and healthy as we can.

Thursday marked the first official day of spring—and the arrival of spring is a time of renewal. And just like those spring flowers will eventually bloom, this pandemic we are facing will also eventually run its course – and our commitment to social distancing, although inconvenient and difficult, will help get us there.

Triathlon Canada and  our provincial sport organization leaders will be meeting weekly to review the status of the pandemic and address any concerns or issues that arise from each region – in addition to discussing what more we can do to assist our Triathlon Canada family through these uncertain times.

In reflection of our discussion, I find it is always during times of crisis that we develop a deeper appreciation of everyday heroes. Healthcare workers have been at the forefront of this pandemic. A new appreciation for teachers has also evolved as parents take on the responsibility of home-schooling their children. And while they and others are deservedly in the spotlight as the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many in our community who may not be as top-of-mind, but are just as deserving of the title.

One of these groups of people are our Race Directors – a small group of highly dedicated people who create amazing opportunities for Canadians to engage in our sport. With your safety top-of-mind, they are all under intense pressure across the country while being forced to reschedule, or cancel, events in an effort to do their part in supporting Canada’s efforts to minimize the transmission of COVID-19. Please have patience with each of them as they work with their respective provincial sport organizations during this difficult time.

Triathlon Canada, our PSO partners, clubs and coaches and you as individual athletes are all finding creative and innovate ways to stay connected as a training community and that is incredibly heartening to see. There will be more to come as the days and weeks unfold.

Eugene Liang, our High-Performance Director, is working with our sport science and medical team behind the athletes and coaches, to begin producing online information sessions that we hope to roll out in the near future. These sessions will include information on mental training (managing self isolation and uncertainty); medical updates; movement exercises; quarantine workouts; bike maintenance; load management; nutrition, and much more.

In closing, we all have a role to play to keep our sport, and Canada going. No contribution to our sport is small – you are all valued members of the Triathlon Canada Nation, and on behalf of our sport’s leadership group across each province, I want to say Thank You!

The flexibility and resiliency you have all shown as we navigate through changes to our work, training and competitive environments has been nothing less than heroic.

We are all in this together.  And we will come through this together!


Kim Van Bruggen
Chief Executive Officer
Triathlon Canada

Please find a link to the current sanctioned races and where you will find updated calendar listings from the PSO’s and LOC’s in the coming days and weeks.

ENGLISH: https://www.triathloncanada.com/publications/#calendars
FRENCH: https://www.triathloncanada.com/fr/publications-2/#calendrier

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