Hall of Fame


The Athletes and Builders inducted into Triathlon Canada's Hall of Fame represent the history and achievements of the sport of triathlon in Canada. The Hall of Fame members are diverse and exceptional individuals, with Long Distance Triathletes, Standard Distance Triathletes, Coaches, Race Directors and Executives all among the inductees.


Name Year Inducted Category
Les McDonald 2000 Builder
Loreen Barnett 2001 Builder
Bill Hallett 2002 Builder
Jo-Anne Ritchie 2002 Athlete
Patricia Puntous 2003 Athlete
Sylviane Puntous 2003 Athlete
Barrie Shepley 2003 Builder
Sheila O'Kelly 2004 Builder
Terri McCallister (Smith) 2004 Athlete
Mark Bates 2005 Athlete
Carol Montgomery 2008 Athlete
Danny McCann 2009 Builder
Simon Whitfield 2014 Athlete
Lisa Bentley 2014 Athlete
Lance Watson 2015 Builder
Lori Bowden 2015 Athlete
Heather Fuhr 2015 Athlete